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At Lifetime Gown Preservations, we assist you in beautifully rendering your wedding gown with expert wedding gown cleaning services in Rochester, NY.

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With meticulous care and attention to detail, we delicately handle each gown, employing state-of-the-art techniques and eco-friendly solutions to expertly clean your wedding gown. Whether your gown boasts intricate lace, delicate beadwork, or luxurious silk, our specialized cleaning process is tailored to suit the unique needs of every fabric. Entrust us with your cherished dress, and let us ensure the beauty of your gown shines through for a lifetime.

Our Cleaning Steps

At Lifetime Gown Preservations, we provide a step-by-step process to delicately and professionally clean your wedding gown to ensure optimal results.

Our process begins with an inspection of your dress to determine the appropriate techniques and products for optimal care. We conduct a small patch test on an inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t cause any staining or damage to the fabric. We also thoroughly inspect for any stains or damage that may necessitate specialized treatment.

After the inspection, our team members carefully select the appropriate products for cleaning your gown. Certain components, such as beading and delicate lace, may need to be covered or removed. We take special care to delicately detach these items, meticulously marking them for replacement after the cleaning process.

Each inch of your gown undergoes thorough scrutiny as we meticulously pre-treat it by hand before the cleaning process. Our dedicated team devotes an unlimited amount of time to spot-treat any stains and soil, recognizing that not every stain may be removable, but we strive to do our best to achieve the most satisfactory results possible.

We perform a comprehensive cleaning process for your gown, incorporating an anti-sugar stain treatment. Employing specialized machines and solutions tailored to the fabric of your gown, we ensure meticulous care. After the cleaning process, we implement a white glove treatment to uphold the gown’s cleanliness and prevent any potential new soils.

Following the cleaning process, the skilled team at Lifetime Gown Preservations will expertly press or steam your wedding dress, ensuring it is pristine and ready for you to wear on your special day. Alternatively, we can prepare it for preservation in a museum-quality case, allowing you to cherish your gown for a lifetime.

In the final step, we conduct a meticulous inspection of your gown. We take photos during this inspection to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Once the inspection is complete, all elements of the gown are expertly reassembled, and your gown is promptly returned to you in pristine condition.

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