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Let Lifetime Gown Preservations assist you in preserving the beauty of your wedding gown to last for generations.

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Preserving your wedding gown is a lasting tribute to the most significant day of your life. At Lifetime Gown Preservations, we employ museum-quality methods and top-notch products to skillfully conserve your wedding gown, ensuring it maintains its color and structural integrity for generations to cherish. Entrust a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist to beautifully and delicately preserve the memory of your wedding day through expert care and qualified wedding gown preservation services.

Our gown preservation steps

Explore the steps by Lifetime Gown Preservation for our wedding gown preservation process.

We start our process with a detailed inspection of your gown to assess the correct methods and product applications. We test a small fabric patch to ensure it does not result in staining or damage. Additionally, we conduct a detailed inspection for any existing stains or damage that might require specialized treatment.

Following the inspection, we gather the appropriate products tailored for cleaning your gown. Additionally, specific components of your gown, such as beadwork or hoops, may need to be covered or removed. These elements are meticulously taken off and appropriately marked for replacement after the cleaning process.

We examine every part of your dress and apply a hand pretreatment prior to the cleaning process. We are dedicated to investing considerable time in spot-treating every stain and soil, understanding that not every stain may be entirely removed. Rest assured, we spare no effort or expense in our endeavor to achieve the best results.

Next, we clean your wedding gown, incorporating an anti-sugar stain treatment. Employing specialized machines and cleaning solutions crafted for the unique fabric of your gown, we ensure a thorough cleansing process. Upon completion, we apply a white glove treatment to uphold cleanliness and prevent the introduction of any new soils.

Opting to have your wedding gown steamed and pressed is the ideal method to ensure its pristine and beautiful appearance on your special day. Following the cleaning process, your gown will undergo careful pressing or steaming, preparing it for storage in a museum-quality case, keeping your gown safely preserved and secure.

Our final step involves meticulously examining the gown. We extend an invitation for you to participate in this inspection to ensure your satisfaction. Subsequently, all components of the gown are reassembled and carefully arranged in a museum-quality chest, accompanied by acid-free tissue to prevent yellowing.

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